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The IPTM provides education, intervention, and advocacy for the prevention and treatment of mascupathy.

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Understand the baffling psyches of men and witness as they heal themselves in group therapy rooms.

What is Mascupathy?

Why does a sunny Sunday afternoon softball game break into fisticuffs? Why does simple affection have to turn into sex?

Programs for Relational and Sexual Health

Building sexual integrity.  Healing minds and hearts. Randy Flood and Charlie Donaldson have for many years provided treatment for men who struggle with sexual addiction and the use of pornography.  Randy’s program at the Men’s Resource Center, Transformations Toward a Healthy Sexuality, and Charlie’s protocol, the Specialized Program for Relational Health, use this six-part treatment […]

Women's March on Washington

Why March the Women’s March

Why am I, as a man, going to D.C. for the Woman’s March on Washington?  First it’s important that we support and walk with a collection of people who hold firmly to the idea that women’s rights and empowerment are human rights.  Although there is plenty of historical evidence for me to engage in a […]

Trump Brings Toxic Masculinity Front and Center

At the Institute for the Prevention and Treatment of Mascupathy, we work to expose toxic and other wayward masculinities, increase understanding, and help men find a new and healthier masculinity. The ongoing presidential campaign provides an excellent example of what mascupathy – a disease of masculinity – can look like. Donald Trump’s uniquely outlandish and […]

What People are Saying about our Newest Book

Mascupathy addresses the trap of many men who cling to old models of manhood and wreak havoc on the women and children in their lives. Donaldson and Flood offer knowledgeable and compassionate approaches to helping men extricate themselves from the downward spiral of their lives and to regain their lost humanity.”

“The last half century saw the revolution for women. A new era is upon us, when men are discarding ancient and errant masculinity, and seeking the soul of a new manhood. Mascupathy is an important book – the first to identify the problem, awaken a new consciousness, and usher in men’s second, and much better, act.”

Mascupathy is tragically more normative in men than exceptional. What comes through in this book is the authors’ concern and empathy for the unnecessary suffering of men and so many others. As therapists and regular guys, they see much of this up close and have given all of us a deeper way to think and talk about men’s issues.”

“Donaldson and Flood’s Mascupathy is a clear, deep, and moving exploration of the code of traditional masculinity and the damage it causes in the lives of men, and, through them, the people they love. It is essential reading for any man wishing to understand and free his heart — or any woman who loves him.”

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