About the Institute

Mission Statement

The mission of the Institute for the Prevention and Treatment of Mascupathy (IPTM) is to increase awareness and understanding of the individual and social consequences of pathological masculinity and to replace it with a balanced and liberated manhood that is openhearted, accountable, compassionate, and egalitarian.

Grounding principles

IPTM is an organization of men and women from many walks of life who share common beliefs.

  • There are many good and great men but also others who struggle with self-defeating masculinity and harm both themselves and others.
  • Males are often socialized into a conventional masculinity that is frequently pathological (diseased), hence mascupathy, and virtually every man, to one degree or another, is a risk of suffering from this disorder.
  • Men who struggle with mascupathy suffer from poor self-esteem, a paucity of emotionality and compassion for self and others, inadequate relational skills, and externalization of painful feelings in substance abuse, non-relational sex, domestic violence, and excessive work.
  • Mascupathy is responsible not only for social ills such as violence and sexual assault, but also poverty-stricken relationships, poor parenting, and an inability to retrain for a new economy.
  • Mascupathy can be ameliorated through prevention programs for boys, treatment regimens for men, and social programs that discourage rigid and constricting roles for men and encourage emotional literacy and social consciousness.

The objective of IPTM is to increase

  • Awareness that what’s common and normal for men—toughness, invulnerability, and insularity—is frequently unhealthy for them as individuals, partners, fathers, and citizens and recognizing that mascupathy is often responsible for poor relationships and acting out behaviors such as excessive use of substances as well as sexual assault, domestic violence, and homicide.
  • Understanding that while genetics play a part, male socialization is the primary problem, and that resocialization can transform men from aggressive tough guys into compassionate and community-minded men.
  • Prevention that teaches conventional masculinity is not a healthy option; that balance between “soft” and “hard” features of the human psyche can be the new normal; that innovative approaches to fathering and transformation of institutions such as public education and faith communities can create boys who are open, intimate, and egalitarian.
  • Treatment that helps men recognize their mascupathic attitudes and behavior, provides them with a safe place and role-modeling for change, and encourages them to improve emotional self-care, partnering, and fathering.
  • Advocacy for social justice for women, men of color, LGBTQ; support for national programs that ameliorate poverty, disease, and mental illness; promotion of governmental programs that increase educational and career opportunities for all Americans.
  • Alliance with organizations such as the National Organization of Women, National Organization of Men Against Sexism, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.
  • Support for programs such as the ground-breaking Center for the Study of Men and Masculinity at Stony Brook University in New York as well as activities such as VoiceMale magazine.


Membership is open to any individual who wishes to support our mission and activities.

Benefits of Membership

  • Participation in a yearly call-in meeting.
  • Members may submit nominations and votes for the most mascupathic person(s), TV commercials, and organizations as well as for the least mascupathic in each category.
  • Receive copies of the quarterly IPTM newsletter, New Men Newsletter.
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