Society and Sexually-frustrated Young Men

When Bill Maher made the statement that mass shootings are being committed by sexually-frustrated young men, I took the opportunity to agree and move the conversation forward. In response to your New Rules commentary of October 16, I just wanted to say “thank you.” It’s terrific that you, too, are tired of the timeworn explanations […]

Manly Games and Mascupathic Behavior

Politics has been rightly called a blood sport, a manly game, but seldom have we seen more hyper-masculine bravura and blood-letting than in the most recent Republican debates. The Institute for the Prevention and Treatment of Mascupathy is not a political organization; we do not side with one party or the other. However, calling out […]

Randy Flood steps into body-shaming conversation

In a recent column for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Elizabeth Wellington takes on the topic of well-honed female bodies and body-shaming. Written in response to several verbal attacks on tennis pro, Serena Williams, Wellington comments, “So, every time women embrace their power, we have to strip them of their femininity? How insulting.” Why is that? “‘Men […]