Busy Week Includes D-Day Interview

A busy week of interviews for Randy Flood began with a conversation with Maurice Barnes from Rolling Out magazine discussing mascupathy and its traits and ended June 6 with a live interview on WGVU radio with Shelley Irwin. In between were interviews with Andrew Ferebee, founder of Knowledge for Men, and Gail Rosenblum from the Star Tribune. The Institute for the Prevention and Treatment of Mascupathy will post the links as soon as each podcast or article becomes available.

Randy’s interview on WGVU preceded Ms. Irwin’s interview with three 90+ year-old WWII paratroopers. He says, “I found it ironic how I was talking about the pathology of masculinity before the Greatest Generation of Men came in. I ended up discussing how these men and men like them had the courage to storm the beaches of Normandy to protect and save the world from Nazism, while today’s men are faced with having the courage to go into their inner lives so that they can be more fit men in the 21st century where emotional intelligence and relational skills are needed more than ever.”

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