Flood and Donaldson at American Men’s Studies Association Conference

When the American Men’s Studies Association (AMSA) holds its 24th annual conference from March 31 – April 3 this year, Charlie Donaldson and Randy Flood will be in attendance, sharing their work on mascupathy. The conference theme, “(Un)Masking Masculinities: Constructing and Deconstructing Representations of Masculinities” is the perfect occasion for them to offer insights into identifying, preventing, and treating toxic masculinity.

Identifying and Preventing Toxic Masculinity

Charlie Donaldson and Randy Flood

Charlie Donaldson and Randy Flood

During the conference, both men, co-founders of the Men’s Resource Center and the Institute for the Prevention and Treatment of Mascupathy, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, will offer an applied clinical workshop, “Mascupathy: A New Vision for Understanding and Treating Men and their Masculinities.” Additionally, Flood will take part in the Boys to Men session where he will present the paper, Prevention as Possibility: Altogether Boys, co-authored by Ms. Maggie Fry, Advancement Coordinator for the Men’s Resource Center. Altogether Boys is a program created by the Men’s Resource Center that gives boys the tools they need to make informed choices about masculinity and to build the emotional awareness and relational tools necessary to have fulfilling social and personal relationships through a healthy self-esteem and open-hearted masculinities.

AMSA Conference Resources

Two books, co-authored by Donaldson and Flood, “Stop Hurting the Woman You Love: Breaking the Cycle of Abusive Behavior” and “Mascupathy: Understanding and Healing the Malaise of American Manhood,” are being featured and made available at the conference and through the AMSA’s newsletter. Both books address the identifying and treating of toxic masculinity.

Visit the AMSA website for more information about the conference, including the schedule of events and activities, and to register on line.

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