I See Good Men

So much of the news we hear about men is bad; whether it’s domestic violence or sexual abuse perpetrated by well-known athletes or performers, massacres of the innocent by fanatics, political in-fighting and partisanship, exaggeration and pontification by news readers and on-air celebrities, or teachers run amok. It seems that we can find news of men behaving badly whichever way we turn. When we look for male role models, it would be a shame if these types of men were all we had to choose from.

John LegendFortunately, society is beginning to amend its values to help foster new definitions of manhood. It’s recognizing, as stated in the book Mascupathy, that men don’t need to abandon traditional masculine values such as competitiveness, leadership, and physicality in order to benefit from acquiring values customarily associated with the feminine – collaboration, cooperation, nurturing – to achieve a more balanced humanity. And, several men have proven this to be true: actors Mark Ruffalo and Patrick Stewart; musician, John Legend; actor and former NFL player, Terry Crews; boxer, Mohammed Ali and comedian, Louis C.K. are examples.

We need and want to acknowledge and honor those individuals and organizations that are taking steps toward promoting a new, more complete definition of what it means to be a man. Here’s an opportunity for you to share stories—from the media, from your personal life—of the good things that men do and say.

Simply comment on this post, tweet at #ISeeGoodMen, or e-mail us at iseegoodmen@mascupathy.org. We’ll share the highlights on this website and the IPTM Facebook page and together affirm whole-hearted male role models.

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