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Supporting Male Victims of Sexual Assault

A comprehensive article in the March 8 issue of the Grand Rapids Press,  Hurt twice: Society questions validity of male sex assault, domestic violence victims, examines how society views male victims of sexual assault and domestic abuse. In their interviews with the author, Randy Flood and Carla Blinkhorn, CEO of the YWCA West Central Michigan […]

I See Good Men

So much of the news we hear about men is bad; whether it’s domestic violence or sexual abuse perpetrated by well-known athletes or performers, massacres of the innocent by fanatics, political in-fighting and partisanship, exaggeration and pontification by news readers and on-air celebrities, or teachers run amok. It seems that we can find news of […]

Corporate Mascupathy

Is there such as thing as “corporate mascupathy?” Let’s start with the Citizen’s United Supreme Court decision that states that corporations are people. Let’s then take the next step and see that corporations exhibit human qualities, and let’s recognize that companies frequently manifest the worst of human qualities, acting like bullies, thugs and, to use […]

Domestic violence: Failure of law enforcement & justice system

In spite of a national conversation that takes domestic violence more seriously, law enforcement and the criminal justice system still fail to keep women safe. The pestilence of domestic violence that plagues our country is finally getting the attention it has so long deserved. The behavior of NFL players and the incompetence of the NFL […]

What’s Up With Men and Football?

Men and football go together like men and F-150 Fords. Most guys love the game. Those who don’t probably won’t advertise their dislike but may sit quietly eating Doritos and checking Facebook as their friends hoot and holler watching their team on the big screen. Why? Because football is the quintessential “tough guy” sport—only the […]