Pathological Men in the News

Our book about the pathology of men in which we explain mascupathy — what it is and what can be done about it — will be out in a week or so, and I’ve been thinking about the timing of it.

The book focuses on the wayward psyches and closeted hearts of American men, but the news, right now, especially the horrific actions of leaders in foreign lands, commands my attention: Abubakar Shekau leads terrorists in Nigeria who kidnapped three hundred girls to sell as child brides (most likely as sex slaves); Kim Jong-un readies North Korea to test a nuclear weapon; Bashar al-Assad sends planes to drop oil drums full of explosives on innocent people in Syria; Vladimir Putin tears up an ordered and peaceful society to expand Russia’s borders.

These extreme actions, this reprehensible conduct, do not serve any nation or people – they are personal behaviors of the most extreme self-aggrandizing, self-interested, aggressive, callous, and mascupathic of men.

On the one hand, when I consider this, it strikes me that the world is so deeply mascupathic that it’s a ridiculously insurmountable problem. On the other, I cannot let go of the notion that we, as homo sapiens, are increasingly conscious people; we see more clearly than ever before what we do and its consequences.

Maybe, because it’s both preposterous and absolutely necessary, the time has come to find a way to get all men to look into their souls.

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