Randy Flood says Policing Media is Not the Answer

In an online piece written by Gloria Goodale for the Christian Science Monitor, Randy Flood is asked to weigh in on the link between media violence and real-world violence. The article, “Santa Barbara Killings: Is the Hollywood Debate Worth Having Again?” refers to the discussions that arise after shootings such as those in Columbine and Aurora, Colorado where violent video games and movies are pointed to as possible catalysts for violent behavior.

“’I don’t think policing media is what we need to do because plotlines and stories arise from the values and ethos of a culture,’ says Michigan psychologist Randy Flood, who specializes in treating issues relating to masculinity. ‘This young man talked about retribution, but what was really going on was insecurity and fear, and he did not have the emotional intelligence to talk about the real issues he was having,’ he notes.”

As the author of “Mascupathy: Understanding and Healing the Malaise of American Manhood” Flood can provide insight and give a name to the socialized disorder that is an exaggeration of the genetically masculine traits (aggression and invulnerability) and minimal expression of inherently feminine characteristics (conciliation and openness). Purchase the book and read more about mascupathy here.

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