30 Minute Phone Consultation


If you live or work with a person who is struggling from mascupathy, talk to our experts.



30 Minute Phone or Skype Consultation

  • Do you love your partner but feel he’s become more angry and less caring about life?
  • Are you a coach or teacher who wants to do more to prevent gender-based bullying and hazing?
  • Are you a mental health professional who works with men and wants to see them live life more fully, but are struggling with how to engage men in the journey of change?
  • As an employer, are you dealing with issues of sexual harassment and bullying?
  • Do you just want to understand more the impact Macupathic Disorder has on you, the people you love, and the society in which you live?

The Institute for the Prevention and Treatment of Mascupathy offers phone and Skype consultations on issues or concerns related to the prevention and treatment of Mascupathy. Our experts are available to speak with faith communities, school leaders, health care and business professionals, family members, group leaders, coaches, and others who have contact with men and boys on a recurring basis.

Contact us to find the tools and guidance you need to forward the ideals of a healthy and whole-hearted masculinity.


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