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Mascupathy addresses the trap of many men who cling to old models of manhood and wreak havoc on the women and children in their lives. Donaldson and Flood offer knowledgeable and compassionate approaches to helping men extricate themselves from the downward spiral of their lives and to regain their lost humanity.”

“The last half century saw the revolution for women. A new era is upon us, when men are discarding ancient and errant masculinity, and seeking the soul of a new manhood. Mascupathy is an important book – the first to identify the problem, awaken a new consciousness, and usher in men’s second, and much better, act.”

Mascupathy is tragically more normative in men than exceptional. What comes through in this book is the authors’ concern and empathy for the unnecessary suffering of men and so many others. As therapists and regular guys, they see much of this up close and have given all of us a deeper way to think and talk about men’s issues.”

“Donaldson and Flood’s Mascupathy is a clear, deep, and moving exploration of the code of traditional masculinity and the damage it causes in the lives of men, and, through them, the people they love. It is essential reading for any man wishing to understand and free his heart — or any woman who loves him.”

“Many women in my practice struggle to understand their partner’s hurtful, neglectful, and abusive behaviors. I often hear, ‘I just don’t get how he can treat me that way.’ Mascupathy offers the untold story behind men’s actions. Women who want to understand men will find in these pages a path towards greater awareness of the root causes of men’s behavior – insight that will help them make better decisions about their lives. I welcome this contribution to this very important discussion.”

“Here is the truth from Donaldson and Flood: ‘Many men go through life believing it’s not safe to be fully human.’ These pioneering cartographers integrate the real-life experience of being a male into a healthy developmental model with pragmatic advice for fostering transformation.  More than a window into understanding men, Donaldson and Flood map out a path that will help men to become more fully human.”

“It’s no secret that many men today are living lives of significant emotional pain and quiet desperation … evident in violence, broken relationships, mental illness, and chronic health problems. The authors not only offer a clear picture of the core of men’s brokenness – the loss of self and soul – they offer a way out … a wise, detailed roadmap to what it means to be truly male and fully human.”

“Rich with personal stories from men in group treatment, this book offers a clearly presented depiction of males and masculinity. Donaldson and Flood draw on their long careers of working with men to explain the origins of distorted views of masculinity held by many men that result in numb feelings, relationship troubles and, for some, violence. The authors present a group-based treatment that leads to men being freed to be a fuller, richer, version of themselves. Highly recommended for clinicians treating men and for men in their groups, and everyone else!”

“Flood and Donaldson develop a revolutionary construct: mascupathy. Their approach largely focuses on the amelioration of shame and fear of vulnerability, specific to men. In my work with women and men in relationships and groups, shame is perhaps the most debilitating force in the development of trust and intimacy. Their ideas, therefore, offer hope for all people; boys and men and all of those who live with and love them.”

“As pervasive as body image disturbance is for women, so is mascupathic disorder for men. Both come from an intense cultural pressure to live up to a distorted definition of femininity and masculinity. In Mascupathy, Donaldson and Flood describe this narrow definition of masculinity, pointing out that it is a plague on all our houses. Their deep understanding comes from years of clinical experience working with the very men they write about. Thankfully their solutions will not only radically alter the definition of manhood but greatly impact women who will benefit from men who are more liberated and whole.”

“In this compelling book, Flood and Donaldson name and describe the affliction that has caused so much suffering for men and women for a very long time. Their work provides an invaluable guide for educators, community leaders, advocates, therapists, and indeed for anyone with an interest in the healing of men, which is, of course, all of us. The authors tell us that men do not need to remain locked in destructive patterns of thinking and behaving: both heart and the brain can change. This book is filled with hope.”

“Donaldson and Flood are on to something big. When we look back, taking the long view, we often discover that we were accepting of something “in the water” of our culture, and later it’s hard to understand how anyone ever accepted it without question. Why didn’t we have a larger vision? That’s what the concept of mascupathy is bringing to us, a change of paradigm, a look from outside the bubble.”

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